Right know my mind is wondering how it will be to start running again once recovered from my – not running related – injury.

Feeling more and more like starting to run for the very first time once I resume running after my long break I developed my very personal list of things that I wished I knew when I started running.

Slow but steady wins

What is true for the tortoise in the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” is true for me as well when you start running: consistent, effective effort leads to success! Rather start running slow but steadily because that’s the best way to allow for experiencing progress that makes you feel at ease and getting stronger.

The hare – cute but with limited endurance capabilities

I specifically recommend starting with short runs at a comfortable pace because this is how I did it myself:

“Start running slowly from one street lamp to the next (that’s usually in between 30-50m or 100-150ft). Chose a pace that allows chatting with one another or singing along if you listen to music. Then walk with an energetic, powerful attitude until your arrive at the next light pole. Repeat for a couple of times and turn around way ahead of being close to feeling exhausted.”

A great advice was given to me by a friend this week who told me to make sure you rather choose a shorter route in your neighborhood and repeat the loop than going far and finding yourself away from home when you have to stop because you are tired. This is very true especially at this time of the year when you would risk getting cold once you stop running.

Keep on running,


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