Global community

FEEN members connect in local groups and on social media


We train as a group and attend events and races as a team


Experience the amazing spirit of female sport groups

with us

We celebrate the achievements of every FEEN member


beyond training together, we become friends

A few things we’re great at

We enjoy running and biking together, as well as partaking in events or races as a team.

We give every woman the opportunity to grow with us.


 We celebrate every achievement!

For us, finish times are as important as partaking and the experience itself.


 Our individual goals and motivation are different.

Friendship and exchange support and inspire our personal development. 

Magic Moments

Amazing spirit of female sport groups & an active lifestyle!

We are making new experiences and enjoying unique moments together.

FEEN is a female endurance network with training groups all over the world.

We encourage women to experience the amazing spirit of female sport groups and an active lifestyle

Our community is connecting women active in endurance sports around the globe, and all performance ranges are welcome.

We share the joy of female endurance sport as a community, we build strong relationships with each other and support every individual FEEN member.

FEEN is not about competition within the community but about supporting each other. We welcome women of every age, country, cultural and religious background, color, sexual orientation and other factors of diversity to join our global female endurance network.

Behind the scenes

FEEN was founded by Hannah and Martina, two passionate women that are
sharing the love for running, an active life style, and the joy of being out exploring. 
We want to inspire other women to connect and experience magic moments with FEEN.

Founder of the Ausdauer-Coaches Hannah Brandner


passionate endurance coach and athlete, loving the spirit of female sport groups, 

TIna @GobiMarch2018


loving the trails, the mountains, sight-running and, even more so, the sparkle of finish line 🙂

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