I used to feel “invincible” because I was almost never sick or injured. Every once in a while I had a cold. Running related injuries were limited to a blister every once in a while. When I increased distance and I felt my muscles or joints were a little challenged I made generous use of tape and developed a thorough stretching routine. That was it!

However, my life as a runner changed dramatically when I fell down the stairs immediately after my return to the U.S. from the Swiss alps where I enjoyed both, cross country skiing and running in the winter-wonderland. My foot swollen and turning blu, I had to see a doctor, and X-ray taken showed a Y-shaped fracture in my forefoot. Out of a sudden my life changed: I had to work from home! I couldn’t exercise! The gym was closed because of the pandemic! I was supposed to keep the leg high and reduce walking around to a minimum for several months.

“I went out in the early morning, returning energized for the day just from seeing the sun rising and listening to chirping birds.”

I had hard times to enjoy my favorite hobby, when I was finally allowed to exercise again. I was frustrated every time I tried and I didn’t understand at all why running just didn’t feel the same. Running used to be my little vacation on a busy day. Often I squeezed it in over lunch time and felt great. Or I went out in the early morning, returning energized for the day just from seeing the sun rising and listening to birds chirping – having the feeling the world is mine alone because everyone else is still asleep. Or I just went for a little round in the neighborhood in the evening, relaxing from the day, so peaceful an experience. Water under the bridge – I know.

I had up’s and down’s ever since. I tried running again but gave up after a couple of weeks. Gave it another try but not very successful. Got sick more often than ever since I lost my running routine. Was this because my immune system was weak, my body missing the out door exercise? Last but not lease I got hit by this damn Covid-19 a few weeks ago. Despite my 3 times vaccination it was hitting me pretty badly, including high fever and impacting my breathing. Luckily the emergency doctor got the treatment right. I am fully recovered, got another booster (just in case). I would say there could be no better moment in time than right now to start running again, and get it right this time!

I promised myself nothing less than getting the magic moments of running back into my life! Do I know a magic formula? Well, at least I have an idea what went wrong in the past, and how to start anew in a way that works for me. Community is about sharing, and I will share the tips I have, the advice I got from others, and the experiences I make on the way.

BTW: Did you know that getting back into running after a pause of over six months is not very different from getting into running for the very first time?

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(Pic by Tirachard Kumtanom via pexels)

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